MES Supports Local Charities During National Volunteer Month

    April is National Volunteer Month, but with COVID-19 restrictions, many volunteer organizations have canceled in-person opportunities or stricken in-person volunteer opportunities. So how do you continue with your corporate philanthropy and supporting your local communities during a global pandemic? Here at MES, we believe in supporting those in need and giving back to our local communities, especially during […]

4 Signs It’s Time to Switch Suppliers

  Here’s how to know when to fire a vendor – even if they’ve been an extension of your team for a long time. Whoever said business isn’t personal never lost a job, promotion, client, or customer. It is personal. That’s because business involves people who are in a relationship, albeit professional. While it’s possible to genuinely like someone you’ve […]

Global Vaccination Update – Ohio Operations – Vaccinated

One of our commitments to our team members has been to keep them safe. Our team has been working from home and coming into offices, visiting suppliers, visit select customers. Our warehouses tirelessly have been working throughout Covid. Kudos to our warehouse teams globally. We are proud to work with these local pharmacies and help all of our willing and […]

MES President & CEO Hiten Shah Featured in Value Walk Magazine

Hiten Shah, a Plastics Engineer, is a name not unknown in the corporate world. He is the founder of MES Inc., a globally-known full-service provider of manufacturing and supply chain management. The company that came into the picture in 2007 started as a marketing and engineering service provider. How a marketing and engineering firm transitioned into one of the world’s most renowned […]

MES Continues Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive Tradition

There’s nothing like Thanksgiving to bring people together and remind us all we can be thankful for in our lives. While COVID-19 has changed many things, one thing that hasn’t changed is our annual Thanksgiving food drive. At MES, we value giving back to our communities and helping others, especially during these challenging times. Life is busy, and it can […]