Delivering Engineered Solutions!

Metrics Ningbo is ISO 9001:2008 Certified & a Wholly-Owned US Corporation.

Metrics Ningbo is a supply chain, sourcing and trading company based in Zhejiang province of China – City of Ningbo.

Services Offered:

  • Supplier Research & Audits
  • Supplier Development
  • Quality Audits & Inspection Services
  • Supplier Quality Management Activities
  • Purchasing and Sourcing

We constantly invest in our suppliers and it is the reason why our products are technologically sound and why we have achieved a rejection rate of less than 0.17%.

Metrics Ningbo serves a variety of clients in Hong Kong, Spain, UK, India, US, Canada and Mexico. It also serves its parent company – MES in US and Mexico.

Metrics Ningbo:

  • Monitor and controls the tooling development and PPAP submission process with our suppliers
  • Reviews critical specs with customers, relaying information to suppliers at tooling kickoff
  • Performs supplier inspections to insure accurate method and measurements
  • Executes 3rd party checks of raw materials at independent labs
  • Monitors and communicates delivery timelines
  • Customer-approved tooling design

Under the Overseas Quality Improvement Initiative, Metrics Ningbo engineers perform periodical Kaizen sessions with the key suppliers to review aesthetic standards for castings. The goal is to reduce aesthetic rejects to zero. Quality engineers, supplier inspectors, supplier operators and supplier quality managers are all involved.

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