Heat Sink Stadium Light Housing Application Case Study

Industry: Commerical Lighting (professional stadium lighting) Company Type: Lighting OEM Light fixture OEMs are challenged daily to compact a large number of LEDs in a tight package. These LEDs emit a lot of heat which must be dissipated away to keep the warranties and shelf life on the fixture. Some of the most demanding light intensity demands are on stadium […]

Elevator Safety Applications

When you’re a global manufacturer of lifts and platforms that transport people, safety isn’t just important, it’s imperative. It means putting product design, quality, and engineering excellence at the forefront of everything you do. Japanese and European companies have taken a leadership position in developing elevators for commercial and residential applications. There are new technologies being added to the elevators […]

Can Minimalism Work In Supply Chain?

CAN MINIMALISM WORK IN SUPPLY CHAIN? How we helped a commercial transportation OEM simplify their supplier pool. If supply chain were to be described with a single word, it would be anything but “minimalistic.” However, for some organizations, minimalism is not just a good idea, it’s a powerful strategy for improving efficiencies and reducing administrative expenses. What Is Minimalism? Because […]

How the Right Supplier Can Help Save your Reputation

Shoddy quality from a supplier is a direct reflection on you. Can you afford to pay for their mistakes with your reputation? Successful businesses know that reputation is a key component of customer loyalty and, ultimately, profitability. Researchers say that up to 80% of market value is a result of business intangibles like reputation.1 It’s your job to ensure that […]

13 Countermeasures To Manage The Container Shortage Crisis

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on everything from the way we work to the way we spend our leisure time. Thankfully, some things have begun to settle down and return to a semblance of normal – but not everything. From fast-casual restaurants to shipping ports, labor shortages still abound. Like most industries, labor shortages at the ports are a direct result […]